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On the Battlefield

Russian forces have had some success in the eastern frontline city of Bakhmut, Ukrainian military officials said on Wednesday evening, adding that their fighters were still holding on in...

Russians against War

Russia's Losses



Kissinger proposes roadmap for talks to end Russia-Ukraine war

Kissinger proposes roadmap for talks to end Russia-Ukraine war | The Hill Skip to content Getty Images Henry Kissinger...

Opinion | Are We in the West Weaker Than Ukrainians?

“We will beat the Ukrainian out of you so that you love Russia,” a Russian interrogator told one torture...

Reporter’s Notebook: Making Russia pay for Ukraine invasion

Using Russian money to fund Ukraine Fox News' Amy Kellogg interviews Bill Browder on how billions of...

Stand with Ukraine!

US finalising plan to send Patriot air defence system to Ukraine

The United States is finalising plans to send its sophisticated Patriot air defence system to Ukraine following an urgent request from Kyiv, which wants more robust weapons to shoot down Russian missiles and drones that have...

Slovakia readies transfer of upgraded MiG-29 warplanes to Ukraine

WARSAW, Poland — In a potentially major reinforcement of Ukraine’s air combat capability, Slovakia’s Foreign and European Affairs Minister Ratislav Káčer has announced his country is preparing to transfer Soviet-made Mikoyan MiG-29 fighter jets to the...

Rishi Sunak urges allies to boost Ukraine support

ReutersRishi Sunak has urged European allies to maintain or boost military support for Ukraine over the coming year.The PM kicked off a trip to the Baltic region by announcing the UK would send hundreds of thousands...

Lawmakers from both parties urge more US support for Ukraine

A bipartisan group of House lawmakers who recently returned from Kyiv have put their support behind Ukrainian government requests for the U.S. to provide more air defense systems, munitions, drones and military training to the war-torn...
Support Ukraine
Donate to Ukraine
Arm Ukraine

Support real people suffering from the war: families, children, refugees, medics.

Official state hotline numbers for providing humanitarian aid:
Calls from abroad or Ukraine: +380 44 237 00 02

Humanitarian aid account of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine
(food, shelter, medicine, clothes and other help for refugees):
Find the bank transfer details for your appropriate currency here.

UNICEF Fund for supporting Ukrainian children:
Find the official details here.

Ministry of Health + Red Cross fund for assisting doctors:
Scroll down after the press statement, for the bank transfer details in the currency of your choice – here.

Ministry of Health Crypto Wallets for assisting doctors:
Find the official details here.

Host Ukrainian refugees

  • Families and refugees are seeking safe places of shelter around the world. You can save lives by providing a place to stay.
  • Find groups and global services that can help host refugees in your area/country (NGOs, local communities, etc).
  • If none exist in your area and you feel you can help – create your own Facebook groups and/or local initiatives!
  • Reach out to local authorities and inquire about organizing official refugee programs.
  • Contact your Ukrainian friends and find out if they are heading to the borders and need help.

The Ukrainian people will never forget the generosity and support of the international community at our time of greatest need. Every single donation – no matter how small – helps us to defend ourselves and to protect our cherished freedom.

Making a secure donation is easy to do using your existing bank card or through Google Pay.
All proceeds received go directly to supporting the front-line defence of Ukraine.

The initiative of the President of Ukraine

The President of Ukraine announced the creation of a transparent platform for donations to Ukraine during the war with Russia. You can choose one of the categories to donate to:

  • Defence and demining
  • Medical aid
  • Rebuilt Ukraine

Available options for financial transfer: credit cardbank transferPayPalcrypto.


Beware of fake fundraisers!
The Russian government and other potential criminals are trying to disrupt fundraising efforts by creating fake campaigns. Please trust ONLY the resources listed here and double-check the URLs!

Various experts said that Ukraine wouldn’t hold for more than a week if Russia invaded Ukraine. Not only did we manage to stop the Russian Army – we have pushed them back! But our war is far from over. This was just the first round.

Putin and his army are changing their strategy. They are strengthening their forces to push even harder on Kharkiv and all Donbas region, including Mariupol.

Russia does not plan to stop with Ukraine. Putin’s propaganda machine openly states that Europe is the “next logical target” after Ukraine. So either the West will help Ukraine stop Putin now, or Putin will continue expanding his Russian Empire, killing thousands of women and children in the process. He has already done this in Mariupol, Kharkiv, Bucha, and other cities of Ukraine.

To continue heroically defending the world from Russian aggression, Ukraine needs a specific list of weapons. I appeal to citizens of the whole world to help convey to your governments, presidential administrations, and leaders of your countries the real needs of Ukraine, which will help stop the war. We urgently need heavy artillery, heavy armored vehicles, air defense systems and aircraft:

  • Artillery pieces (caliber 155 mm) and ammo;
  • Artillery shells (152 mm caliber). As much as possible;
  • Multiple Rocket Launch Systems: “Grad”, “Uragan”, or American M142 HIMARS;
  • APCs (armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, etc.);
  • Tanks (T-72, either American or German analogs);
  • Air defense systems (S-300, BUK, or similar modern western air defense systems);
  • Combat aircraft.

We are asking the whole world to unite and help us fight this cruel aggression.

#ArmUkraineNow, so that we can defeat this evil together.

Stay tuned!

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