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European Union Increases Ukraine Funding By $2 Billion, Reports Say


The European Union and its member states will increase their financing of weapon deliveries to Ukraine by at least $2.1 billion, according to Bloomberg, complementing an additional $500 million in aid approved by the United States this week.

Key Facts

The European Peace Facility, which reimburses the governments of its member states for military deliveries to Ukraine, could approve the $2.1 billion in aid following a December 12 meeting in Brussels, adding to its $6.3 billion ceiling.

The approval of $800 million in additional security assistance to Ukraine next year was approved by U.S. lawmakers in the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act, according to Reuters, an increase of $500 million from President Joe Biden’s previous request.

An additional $2.7 billion was approved to boost munitions production capacity while waiving restrictions on some munition contracts for Ukraine.

According to a poll released Monday, a majority of the U.S. supports supplying Ukraine with arms (65%), economic aid (66%), accepting Ukrainian refugees (73%) and sanctioning Russia (75%).

Despite the majority agreements, Americans are divided over whether the U.S. should support Ukraine “as long as it takes” (48%) or push Ukraine toward peace talks as soon as possible (47%).

Big Number

$18.2 billion. That’s how much the U.S. has provided to Ukraine in security assistance since January 2021, according to the Department of Defense. Of this, $17.6 billion has been provided since Russia first invaded Ukraine in February.

What To Watch For

Ukraine forces have since escalated war efforts by recently striking Russian air bases in Ukraine’s deepest attack on Russian soil to date. Russia has since responded to these attacks by advancing through eastern Ukraine, with President Vladimir Putin warning the war could be lengthy as Russia prepares to expand its borders, according to Reuters.

Key Background

The financial package to be voted on by the EU adds to the proposed $18 billion in aid for 2023, according to the European Commission, averaging at just over $1.5 billion per month. In November, Biden proposed more than $37 billion be provided to Ukraine, noting the nation’s possible struggles as it enters the winter. The United Nations has since established its Ukraine Humanitarian Fund, which accepts anonymous donations in addition to sums provided by its member nations. The agency estimates at least 13.5 million people have been provided aid as a result of the fund.

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